In response to COVID-19, the Fund Office is closed, with limited staff performing essential functions remotely. The Fund Office has activated its business continuity plan to continue to provide service to our participants and participating employers during this situation. Please see the Fund-specific information below.

Pension Fund – Pension payments will continue to be made as scheduled. Current payees may experience delays when updating an address or direct deposit information. Applications for benefits will continue to be processed but there may be some processing delays. 

USW 401(k) – Contributions are continuing to be processed daily.

USW HRA Fund – Claims are continuing to be reviewed. If the review cannot be completed in 30 days, the Fund will notify participants of the need to extend an additional 15 days.

About Us

About Us

USW Benefit Funds is the Fund Office of three Taft-Hartly Trust Funds . USW Benefit Funds includes two retirement options: PACE Union Pension Fund and the USW Industry 401(k). The Fund Office also administers the USW HRA Fund, a health care benefit that reimburses participants for eligible out-of-pocket health care expenses.

A Board of Trustees, made up of members from the USW Union and participating employers, oversees each of the three Trusts.

Our History

USW Benefit Funds has been administering retirement benefits since 1963 with the PACE Industry Union Management Pension Fund or PIUMPF. The first pensioner claimed benefits in 1964. Since that time, the Fund has offered good service for participants’ retirement needs.

Over the years, the Fund Office has undergone name changes, which resulted from Union mergers. With the addition of the 401(k) and the Health and Welfare Fund, the Fund Office became known as Paper Industry Benefit Funds. In 1999, when the UPIU merged with OCAW and became PACE, the Fund Office was renamed to PACE Benefit Funds. In 2005, PACE merged with USW, and the Fund Office was renamed to USW Benefit Funds.

The 401(k) Fund was established in 1994 and has grown considerably over the past decade. The HRA Fund began offering indivual account benefits benefits in 2003.

Our Mission

The heart of our endeavor is to strive to enhance the retirement process for both our participants and participating employers by means of a knowledgeable and dedicated staff, continually seeking to provide a highly professional, yet personal level of service, communicating our core values through sound business decisions, education and suitable technology.

Our Core Values

Integrity: Because doing what is right is a benefit to us all.

Respect: Doing what we can to be at peace with our peers and the people we serve.

Unity: Recognizing the infinite value of our individual strengths and allowing those strengths to flourish and function as a whole.

Growth: Seeking to always improve not only as individuals, but also in the way we support and assist our customers.

Excellence: Because what we do and how we do it has a lasting impact on our organization and primarily on those we serve.

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