In response to COVID-19, the Fund Office is closed, with limited staff performing essential functions remotely. The Fund Office has activated its business continuity plan to continue to provide service to our participants and participating employers during this situation. Please see the Fund-specific information below.

Pension Fund – Pension payments will continue to be made as scheduled. Current payees may experience delays when updating an address or direct deposit information. Applications for benefits will continue to be processed but there may be some processing delays. 

USW 401(k) – Contributions are continuing to be processed daily.

USW HRA Fund – Claims are continuing to be reviewed. If the review cannot be completed in 30 days, the Fund will notify participants of the need to extend an additional 15 days.


Document Name Description Category Type Download
104d Notice Report of Summary Plan Information. Pension Plan Notice
Annual Funding Notice Financial report and funding status. Pension Plan Notice
Annual Reports PIUMPF Financial reports prior to 2008. Pension Plan Notice
Form 5500 PIUMPF Annual IRS return/report for employee benefit plans. Also includes 104d notice. Pension Plan Notice
Guidelines to Retirement Information for retiring and claiming pension. Pension Plan Guide
Notice of Funding Status Funding Status certification sent with Annual Funding Notice. Pension Plan Notice
PIUMPF Trust Agreement Pension Plan Plan Document
Plan Document PIUMPF Detailed document for PACE Pension plan. Pension Plan Plan Document
QDRO Procedures Procedures and instructions Pension Plan Guide
Summary Plan Description PIUMPF Summary of PIUMPF pension plan. Pension Plan Plan Document

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