In response to COVID-19, the Fund Office is closed, with limited staff performing essential functions remotely. The Fund Office has activated its business continuity plan to continue to provide service to our participants and participating employers during this situation. Please see the Fund-specific information below.

Pension Fund – Pension payments will continue to be made as scheduled. Current payees may experience delays when updating an address or direct deposit information. Applications for benefits will continue to be processed but there may be some processing delays. 

USW 401(k) – Contributions are continuing to be processed daily.

USW HRA Fund – Claims are continuing to be reviewed. If the review cannot be completed in 30 days, the Fund will notify participants of the need to extend an additional 15 days.

Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA)


The USW HRA Fund is a Health Reimbursement Arrangement that reimburses you and your dependents for out-of-pocket eligible medical expenses.  The USW HRA Fund is a Taft-Hartley Trust Fund that is administered by a joint Board of Trustees, composed of both labor and management.

Contributions required under your collective bargaining agreement are credited to an individual account established in your name when recieved from your employer.  Your individual account is used to reimburse you and your dependents for out-of-pocket medical expenses.  Any balance remaining in your account at the end of each calendar year is carried forward for use in the next year.  If you leave covered employment, you are entitled to maintain your account until it is spent down to a zero balance.

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