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The PACE Industry Union-Management Pension Fund, the USW Industry 401(k) Plan and the USW HRA Fund (collectively referred to as “USW Benefit Funds”) as developer and manager of this web site, is committed to making sure that your personal information remains confidential. We have taken several steps to safeguard the integrity of our communications and computing infrastructure, as well as your personal information, including but not limited to, password authentication, monitoring, auditing, and encryption.

Security measures have been integrated into the design, implementation, and day-to-day operations of the entire USW Benefit Funds’ business environment as part of our continuing commitment to risk management.

The USW Benefit Funds’ web site and computer systems are for legal and authorized use only. Unauthorized access, attempted access, or use of this system is a violation of applicable state and/or federal laws, and may be subject to prosecution. Individuals using this system without authority, or in excess of their authority, are subject to having their activities on the site monitored and recorded.

When you log in to our secure services offered on our web site, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand our security policy, and that you are the individual who is the subject, legal representative, or beneficiary of the USW Benefit Funds’ participant account accessed.

About Encryption 

Encryption is the electronic "scrambling" of information - kind of like a secret code. This protects information from being intercepted and read by a third party. USW Benefit Funds encrypts your password in our computer systems.

USW Benefit Funds’ secure services require the use of an Internet browser with the ability to support 128-bit encryption. You can review our Site Requirements information for additional details on optimum browser requirements and settings for our site. You’ll also find links to download a browser that will support this level of encryption.

Your Role in Security 

Making sure your confidential information is secure is also an important responsibility for you. You’re responsible for ensuring your personal password remains secure, so you should not reveal your password to anyone. If you believe an unauthorized person has gained access to it, you should change it immediately.

As part of good security practices, you should change your password regularly and never walk away from your computer if you’re in the middle of a session. You should also review our Privacy Policy for more information. Note: This Security Policy is subject to change without notice and reflects the current USW Benefit Funds’ business practices.

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USW Benefit Funds comprises three Taft-Hartley Trusts:

  • The PACE Industry Union-Management Pension Fund (PIUMPF)
  • The USW Industry 401(k) Fund
  • The USW HRA Fund

Each Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees with both labor and management. All must be negotiated and must be included in the collective bargaining agreement.