In response to COVID-19, the Fund Office closed temporarily in mid-March while initializing its business continuity plan. 

Currently, the Fund Office is fully operational with some staff working in the office and some staff working remotely. We do not currently anticipate any service delays related to the COVID-19 pandemic at this time.

(updated 9.1.2020)

Staff Directory

About Us

Chuck Knight

Executive Director
Phone: (615) 315-0292

Carolyn Adams-Rossignol

Financial Director
Phone: (615) 333-5796

Melanie Adams

Senior Pension Benefits Analyst
Phone: (615) 333-5790

Christina Annenkoff

QDRO Analyst
Phone: (855) 476-4173

Questions regarding QDROs

Jennifer Block

Benefit Specialist
Phone: (866) 408-7159

Katrina Burnette

Senior 401(k) Analyst
Phone: (877) 344-4015

Questions regarding 401k remittances or participant information

Peggy Byrd

Executive Admin Assistant & Lost Participants Assistant Manager
Phone: (615) 333-5785

Lost Participant Outreach and questions regarding Power of Attorney/Guardianship paperwork

Juan Cavallini

Benefits Specialist
Phone: (866) 412-5388

Claims processor Assists Spanish speaking participants

Levi Collins

Pension Benefits Manager
Phone: (615) 333-2137

Matt Conti

Benefit Analyst
Phone: (855) 657-4506

Carmen Cooper

Lost Participants Specialist
Phone: (855) 657-4507

Lost participant outreach Assists Spanish speaking participants

Doug Corzine

Information Technology Coordinator
Phone: (615) 333-5767

Electronic remittance

Charlotte Dale

Pension Claims Specialist
Phone: (855) 423-9535

Claims Processor

Kelly Davis

Lost Participants Specialist
Phone: (855) 723-0210

Lost participant outreach

Aubrey Dickerson

Office Clerk
Phone: (615) 333-5796

Thomas Elefante

IT Project Manager
Phone: (866) 408-7158

Lisa Ellis

Lisa Ellis

Lost Participants Manager
Phone: (615) 333-5786

Educational meetings and information for participating in the 401(k) or HRA Funds. Participating employer questions and withdrawal liability questions.

Angela Fitzpatrick

Audit Coordinator
Phone: (615) 432-0948

Tonisha Franklin

Cash receipts manager
Phone: (615) 333-5782

PIUMPF remittances and participating employer appeals

Andy Grimm

Benefits Specialist
Phone: (615) 315-0289

HRA Issues

Linda Hood

Benefits Analyst
Phone: (800) 474-8673

Handles beneficiary applications

Nicole Lavender

Lost Participants Specialist
Phone: (615) 333-5764

Jenny Lee

Assistant Controller
Phone: (615) 333-5774

HRA claims and appeals

Anthony Mancini

Benefits Specialist
Phone: (615) 333-5766

Pension denials and appeals

Sandra McKee

Benefit Analyst
Phone: (855) 471-9222

Donna Miller

Pension Claims Specialist
Phone: (855) 657-4503

Claims Processor Assists Spanish speaking participants

Pebbles Moore

Pension Claims Specialist
Phone: (800) 251-4108

Kay Mullins

Office Clerk
Phone: (615) 432-0945

Ben Myrick

Benefits Specialist
Phone: (615) 690-2341

Michele Payne

Benefit Specialist
Phone: (615) 432-0958

Kyle Ray

Project Manager
Phone: (800) 474-8673

Stan Schklar

Accounts Specialist
Phone: (800) 251-4107

Jake Singer

Benefit Specialist
Phone: (615) 432-0950

Donnie Taylor

Donnie Taylor

Pension Benefits Manager
Phone: (615) 333-5765

Sean VanOrder

Pension Quality Analyst
Phone: (855) 423-9536

Marie Waggoner

Benefits Specialist
Phone: (866) 408-7156

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