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Chuck Knight

Executive Director
Phone: (615) 315-0292

Carolyn Adams-Rossignol

Financial Director
Phone: (615) 333-5796

Melanie Adams

Senior Pension Benefits Analyst
Phone: (615) 333-5790

Christina Annenkoff

QDRO Analyst
Phone: (855) 476-4173

Questions regarding QDROs

Jennifer Block

Benefit Specialist
Phone: (866) 408-7159

Katrina Burnette

Senior 401(k) Analyst
Phone: (877) 344-4015

Questions regarding 401k remittances or participant information

Peggy Byrd

Executive Admin Assistant & Lost Participants Assistant Manager
Phone: (615) 333-5785

Lost Participant Outreach and questions regarding Power of Attorney/Guardianship paperwork

Juan Cavallini

Benefits Specialist
Phone: (866) 412-5388

Claims processor Assists Spanish speaking participants

Levi Collins

Pension Benefits Manager
Phone: (615) 333-2137

Matt Conti

Benefit Analyst
Phone: (855) 657-4506

Carmen Cooper

Lost Participants Specialist
Phone: (855) 657-4507

Lost participant outreach Assists Spanish speaking participants

Doug Corzine

Information Technology Coordinator
Phone: (615) 333-5767

Electronic remittance

Charlotte Dale

Pension Claims Specialist
Phone: (855) 423-9535

Claims Processor

Kelly Davis

Lost Participants Specialist
Phone: (855) 723-0210

Lost participant outreach

Aubrey Dickerson

Office Clerk
Phone: (615) 333-5796

Thomas Elefante

IT Project Manager
Phone: (866) 408-7158

Lisa Ellis

Lisa Ellis

Lost Participants Manager
Phone: (615) 333-5786

Educational meetings and information for participating in the 401(k) or HRA Funds. Participating employer questions and withdrawal liability questions.

Angela Fitzpatrick

Audit Coordinator
Phone: (615) 432-0948

Tonisha Franklin

Cash receipts manager
Phone: (615) 333-5782

PIUMPF remittances and participating employer appeals

Andy Grimm

Benefits Specialist
Phone: (615) 315-0289

HRA Issues

Linda Hood

Benefits Analyst
Phone: (800) 474-8673

Handles beneficiary applications

Nicole Lavender

Lost Participants Specialist
Phone: (615) 333-5764

Jenny Lee

Assistant Controller
Phone: (615) 333-5774

HRA claims and appeals

Anthony Mancini

Benefits Specialist
Phone: (615) 333-5766

Pension denials and appeals

Sandra McKee

Benefit Analyst
Phone: (855) 471-9222

Donna Miller

Pension Claims Specialist
Phone: (855) 657-4503

Claims Processor Assists Spanish speaking participants

Pebbles Moore

Pension Claims Specialist
Phone: (800) 251-4108

Kay Mullins

Office Clerk
Phone: (615) 432-0945

Ben Myrick

Benefits Specialist
Phone: (615) 690-2341

Michele Payne

Benefit Specialist
Phone: (615) 432-0958

Kyle Ray

Project Manager
Phone: (800) 474-8673

Stan Schklar

Accounts Specialist
Phone: (800) 251-4107

Jake Singer

Benefit Specialist
Phone: (615) 432-0950

Donnie Taylor

Donnie Taylor

Pension Benefits Manager
Phone: (615) 333-5765

Sean VanOrder

Pension Quality Analyst
Phone: (855) 423-9536

Marie Waggoner

Benefits Specialist
Phone: (866) 408-7156

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USW HRA: Summary of Material Modifications 3.17.2021 Now Available

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Welcome to the Fund Office!

USW Benefit Funds comprises three Taft-Hartley Trusts:

  • The PACE Industry Union-Management Pension Fund (PIUMPF)
  • The USW Industry 401(k) Fund
  • The USW HRA Fund

Each Fund is governed by a Board of Trustees with both labor and management. All must be negotiated and must be included in the collective bargaining agreement.